Vidal at the 2010 Adventures in Travel Expo

Saturday — March 6, 2010

We attended our first Adventures in Travel Expo in 2008. In fact, that’s where we met Vidal Jaquehua, the owner of Adventure Holidays Peru (now Adios Adventure Travel), a Cusco-based travel company. If you've read the earlier posts in this blog, you know that Vidal helped us put together a custom trip to Peru and we had a wonderful two weeks in April 2009, touring Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, and Lake Titicaca in his company. He started out being our guide; by the time we left Peru, he had become a dear friend.

To be honest, the expo was disappointing when we went again in 2009, so we had no plans to go this year. Until, that is, we learned that Vidal was going to be participating in the event.

At his booth, Vidal answers questions posed by prospective travelers.

Vidal joins me in front of the poster of one of the photographs I took at Machu Picchu in April 2009.
(the cardigan I’m wearing is from the Chinchero market)

Assisted by his associate, Jacquie, Vidal plays the flute on the cultural stage.

Even though this year's expo was just as disappointing as the one in 2009, we had a great reunion with Vidal, and for that reason, the time we spent there was well worth it.

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